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Accelerate your journey to success with our Salesforce experts

Today’s digitally empowered customers expect a high level of personalized service, quicker response, and a great experience every time. Salesforce not only offers a robust platform to extend customer relationships but also empowers enterprises to engage their customers across all channels. As a certified Salesforce consulting partner & ISV partner, we work with progressive enterprises on focused goals lead by our Salesforce experts to identify current stains and explore future opportunities around various business processes through Salesforce acceleration and innovation.
We follow robust and highly effective frameworks developed from our years of Salesforce platform experience and knowledge after successfully working with 150+ customers globally and delivering 250+ projects. We offer Salesforce advisory services spanning over various key business areas. Few of them are;
Sales Process Design

We help enterprises leverage most effective Salesforce features designed to support their sales process including leads, campaigns, products, opportunities, and quotes.

Service Process Design

Our service process design services include developing strategies to accomplish critical customer service objectives for our customers by implementing a scalable and efficient customer service plan that covers experience design, data management & integration, solution design etc.

Salesforce Consulting

We can be your Salesforce advisory partner who can plan out a comprehensive CRM roadmap for you to accelerate growth. We will help you identify opportunities for automation, devise a robust strategy which contributes to your long-term success.

Salesforce Audit & Assessment

Our Salesforce experts audit and access your current Salesforce set-up and through a focused approach evaluate issues and gaps, come up with a set of recommendations and drive your transition. We will help you understand Salesforce features which are not being utilized or less-utilized.

Salesforce Program Strategy & Adoption Planning

Our Salesforce experts will help you identify your potential Salesforce adoption issues and roadblocks and design a seamless Salesforce program strategy which will lower risks and offer highest ROI. This includes data quality assessment, sales and service process readiness for adoption and data governance processes.

Change Management Services

Change can be complex at times. At CEPTES advisory services, we map out an end-to-end structured approach from the very beginning and align change management with your company’s roadmap. Our change management services include readiness assessment, implementation, training, and support.

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Why Enterprises are Choosing CEPTES as their Salesforce Advisory Partner?

Business processes are transforming at a lightning pace and the competition is cutthroat. Evolving your business digitally is the only way forward. As a registered Salesforce consulting partner, We offer our advisory services by facilitating digital evolution and drive innovation for our clients using ‘Customer Success Platform’.

Integrated CRM System Planning

A successful CRM implementation starts with an understanding of specific business requirements. Our Salesforce CRM advisors are industry experts who study your business processes and customize your CRM implementation plan to best meet your explicit business requirements. We bring our varied industry experience and extensive Salesforce experience to offer an effective integrated CRM system for your business.
  • Data-driven methodologies
  • Robust frameworks
  • Varied industry experience
  • Proven Salesforce expertise
  • Optimize customer experience
  • Lean operational excellence
  • 24/7 support

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