A Pinnacle of Leadership: CEPTES' distinguished advisory and leadership team, a handpicked assembly of globally celebrated executives. These luminaries possess unparalleled expertise in product design, IT innovation, and corporate strategy. What unites them is an unwavering passion for excellence and a tireless commitment to delivering world-class customer service. Guiding a dedicated team of 300+ professionals, they collectively steer over 1000+ clients towards unparalleled business success.

CEPTES Leadership Team

Priya Ranjan Panigrahy

Founder, DirectorPriya Ranjan Panigrahy

As the visionary Founder and Director, Priya has been a driving force for CEPTES, boasting over 15 years of experience in the technology industry. With domain expertise in financial and healthcare applications, he’s steered CEPTES toward innovation and cloud technology adoption.

Harish Kumar Poolakade

Founder, DirectorHarish Kumar Poolakade

Harish, as the Founder and Director, brings over 17 years of technical excellence to CEPTES. Before co-founding the company, he honed his skills with multiple high-end enterprises, laying the robust technical foundation upon which CEPTES thrives.

AVP – HR HeadSayeda Begum Usman

Sayeda, our Assistant Vice President- HR, orchestrates compensation, benefits, HR systems, talent development, and more. Her expertise in leadership, culture, and organizational development underpins CEPTES’ thriving work environment.

Abhijita Panigrahy

VP – Chief Philanthropy Officer, CSR, Equality and DiversityAbhijita Panigrahy

Abhijita, Head of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion. The Vice President- CPO, is entrusted with shaping CEPTES’ commitment to social responsibility. With 16 years of IT experience, she joined CEPTES from its inception, enhancing its ethos with her profound experience.

Jasmeen Saluja

VP – Chief People OfficerJasmeen Saluja

Jasmeen, our VP – Chief People Officer, brings over 15 years of global experience to CEPTES. As the steward of our workforce, she’s not only instrumental in ensuring competitive and ever-improving HR processes but also passionately leads projects and inspires teams. Her unwavering commitment fuels CEPTES’ growth and resilience, nurturing a thriving, vibrant workplace.

Aswini Kumar Sutar

VP – Salesforce DevelopmentAswini Kumar Sutar

Aswini, a digital technology leader with a global perspective, guides CEPTES in strategic planning, digital transformation, and flawless execution of Salesforce development. With over 18 years of experience, he boasts a remarkable track record, delivering large-scale projects, generating revenue, and fostering enduring customer relationships.